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Class Information

   The classroom portion of your training is held in Monroe, CT. After you have completed the classroom training, we will proceed to the Shooting Range for live firing time. This is required for you to earn your permit, as it gives you real experience with loading, handling and shooting firearms.

   During our class, you will use a Single Action Revolver and a Semi-Automatic Pistol for live firing practice.

Topics covered are:

  • Parts of pistols and ammunition
  • How pistols and ammunition function
  • Safe firearm handling
  • Shooting positions
  • Firearm cleaning
  • Live fire exercises
  • Firearm security and storage

  • Pistol Permit Class Details

    Cost: $150

    Deposit: $50 (must receive deposit 1 week prior to class)

    Dates: Group classes held weekends.
        Private instruction and women only classes available upon request.

    Location: Monroe, CT or, at your location for special circumstances or events.

    Time: Class duration is 8 hours, as required by NRA.
              Weekend classes start at 8:45am;
              Weekday evening classes also available.

    This class is not intended to make you a marksman or teach you personal protection techniques. Practice makes perfect, and you must make a personal commitment to perfect your skills. Also, please note that completing this course does not guarantee that the state will issue you a permit.